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Twisted Mind Design.

The name was created to be catchy yet unique among others. It had to be something more than initials, numbers, symbols. It also had to reflect progression, moving forward and positivity. Not bad for 10-plus years expertise!

People consider me a visionary that captures thoughts and ideas by good communication. An individual with passion, determination and motivation for the industry that goes above and beyond one's expectations.

I seek not only opportunities in creativity and mentorship, however, growth and leadership for a company. I am also looking to expand my web expertise.

More important: I am the ideal candidate.

Find more about me on LinkedIn or Twitter as well as to
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My Appreciation to you, the viewer, the potential employer.






Tools to create this page: a pen and paper prior to my MacBook Pro 17", my brain
(hence the identity), LondonBetween font, #008444 (web color), Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, patience and several glasses of H2O.
Background photos courtesy of yours truly.